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It's because of the quality of the work that I continue to get G&D back. There's nothing they can't build.
They've done my kitchen, my bathroom and converted my attic into a bedroom with an ensuite. It's because of the quality of the work that I continue to get G&D back. There's nothing they can't build.
Word of mouth. I got their number initially from a friend who G&D had done some work for. I chose G&D because I've been burned before and I won't get anyone anymore without a referral or recommendation.
Yes I had some but I always open it up to Alan to get his feedback and ideas. One of the reasons that I like to use G&D is that Alan has a great eye for everything. I'll ask Alan about an idea that I have and then we sit down together and talk it through.
Definitely. I get Alan involved with the projects early on because of his suggestions and his eye for detail. He respects what I'm thinking of but if he thinks there may be a better way, he asks me if I would consider this or that, but in a nice way. He comes up with ideas that I had never considered before. I think I've taken Alan's advice and ideas 9 times out of ten.
It went perfectly! I really liked the way that the job was managed and I feel that G&D does things with my best interest in mind. It's only after having had work done previously by other builders that I realize how great I have it with Alan and Ray, I've become a bit spoiled. The workmanship is spot on and I've never had to have them back to redo anything, it's always done right the first time. They do the little things that really make a difference and when the job is completed, the place is left spotless.

I'm hoping to have an extension built next year and I already know that I'll be getting G&D to do it.
The biggest benefit to me was that I knew that I was going to get quality workmanship. I have total peace of mind when G&D is doing work at my house.
Without a shadow of a doubt and in fact I have done so. I recommended them to my dad who got them to do some commercial work for him and my brother as well. My brother got Alan do do some commercial and residential work for him and then he recommended Alan on to his own father in law. I will only refer someone that I know and trust and in Alan, I do. I'm just afraid that I won't get Alan back!
Loraine Caulfield

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You would not even know they were in your house.
Amanda Shaw
It's because of the quality of the work that I continue to get G&D back. There's nothing they can't build.
Loraine Caulfield
G&D did a kitchen extension for me and it was completed to a very high standard.
Norman Carroll
The project went very smoothly with no problems at all. Alan and Ray were fast, neat and tidy and the work was first class.
John McCarthy
G&D Construction Projects exceeded all our expectations. They effectively transformed our 30+ year old house into a new modern home.
G. Magfhloinn
G & Ds attention to detail is second to none ... I'm a total perfectionist so I love the fact that everything turned out just as I wanted it to.
Gillian O'Hanlon
Alan and Ray ensured all work was carried out to a high standard. There was no problem that could not be solved.
P&M Fogarty
Easy to communicate with and very responsive. Did a professional job with attention to detail.
Noreen Hynes