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G&D did a kitchen extension for me and it was completed to a very high standard.
Initially it was tiling and bathroom renovation work. Just before Christmas 2013, G&D did a kitchen extension for me and it was completed to a very high standard.
I knew that Alan had expanded on his tiling business and gone into building. I already trusted Alan from the various work he had done in the past for me and I knew Ray was very good and experienced as well. They make a good combination.

I asked G&D to tender for the job and the price he quoted was the best I received. Another reason I chose G&D to do this job was the fact that the tiling work on the floor would make or break this job and I knew that Alan would do a good job on it. In fact as it turned out, he did a perfect job.
Yes, indeed. I had a complete set of plans. Very minimalist was the order of the day, there's no ledges, no Victoriana, its completely streamlined.
Yes, they had some very innovative ideas.
Extremely well. I must say that the work Alan and Ray did went perfectly and they followed my directions exactly.
The biggest benefit to me was having a builder on site that I could trust when I wasn't there. That's always a worry for architects- will the work that's not visible be done correctly. I knew I could rely on and trust Alan and Ray to follow to the letter the instructions that had been given with regards to detailing and the materials to be used.
I would yes, indeed.
Norman Carroll

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You would not even know they were in your house.
Amanda Shaw
It's because of the quality of the work that I continue to get G&D back. There's nothing they can't build.
Loraine Caulfield
G&D did a kitchen extension for me and it was completed to a very high standard.
Norman Carroll
The project went very smoothly with no problems at all. Alan and Ray were fast, neat and tidy and the work was first class.
John McCarthy
G&D Construction Projects exceeded all our expectations. They effectively transformed our 30+ year old house into a new modern home.
G. Magfhloinn
G & Ds attention to detail is second to none ... I'm a total perfectionist so I love the fact that everything turned out just as I wanted it to.
Gillian O'Hanlon
Alan and Ray ensured all work was carried out to a high standard. There was no problem that could not be solved.
P&M Fogarty
Easy to communicate with and very responsive. Did a professional job with attention to detail.
Noreen Hynes